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For a lot of singles, the wait for their beloved turns into frustration against God. Psalm is the verse that most people give to singles to encourage them as they wait. Unfortunately, this verse is often misunderstood or misinterpreted. We need to stop using this verse, or our good works, to demand things of God. God owes us nothing. He has already given us everything through His Son.

He did not save us to give us everything we desire, He saved us because we were lost without Him. Sometimes we need to go back and look at the essence of our salvation. The price Jesus paid for us was very high, and we should be thankful for it every day. This sacrifice freed us, and we are no longer slaves to the things of this world.

Through His sacrifice, we no longer need anything to be happy, we are happy in Christ. We no longer need to have a lot of money to avoid insecurity, our security is in Christ.

Trusting God To Give You Your Soulmate

We no longer need a great profession to feel important, we know that we are princes and princesses. You would want more and so does God. And do you pray the right way? That might be the bigger question for a lot of people.

Soulmate Quotes

You need to develop a prayer strategy and get serious about it. Fasting shows up in the Bible many times and for good reason. It helps people get closer to God. Even Jesus fasted. Nothing in your Bible is by accident. Related: Why is it so important for Christians to fast? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? The Bible is contradicting you. Now who do you think is right? The imperfect being or almighty God? I used to think I could worship God at home.

I laugh at that mentality now. My pastor is amazing and is a vital key in helping me get closer to God. Now you would be wise to be careful about what church you do go to. Is what they are preaching really Biblical? Plus, where would be a better place to meet your spouse? This is a big one no one wants to hear. Most people think churches are just out to get our money. The churches that are out for the money give the good churches a bad rap. Try it! Put me to the test! A friend of mine ended up getting a promotion that week and it made up the difference of what he paid out!

We need to give because it helps the church be able to function. There are so many people who have yet to be saved. Again, helping people get saved is our main mission! Just try it and put him to the test! You WILL see blessings poured out in your life. If all you keep praying for is a spouse, how can you have time for anything else?

And I will tell you from experience that thinking will drive you crazy! There is more to life than a partner! We all feel lonely sometimes, even people in relationships. You know what loneliness is? He wants you to find comfort in his presence.

About the Author

God will change you into the person you are meant to be. But you have to seek Him over everything else. None of us can change without Him. Now, try this. That is a great start.

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Also, look at things like your self-regulation. Do you have to have the last word or do you blow up every time you are angry? Now, be honest. We all have problems that we need to work on. With work, anyone can change. Some people these days want to say you got to accept me as I am. No good person wants anything less than an equally good person.

The man of my dreams would have looked at me like I was crazy if I behaved the way I did now when I was You ever wonder why you keep getting with the wrong ones? That is a reflection of self, either your lifestyle or what you feel you deserve. God is waiting patiently to help you. Everything I listed pretty much sums up to this.

10 Things that Happen When you Find the Person God Has for You - Waiting for Your Boaz

Put God first in your life. You have a lot to do, so when God sends you your soul mate you will be ready. And guess what? God is working on them too right now. Make these things a habit and show God you love Him.

He wants the best for you. Talk to God about them and ask for Him to help you not to overlook something major. A lot of people say they are Christians, but can they back it up? And if you are out at the bar every weekend, ask yourself why? Plus, all you are going to find there are the same kinds of partners that have continually failed to make you happy. You will never be happy with anyone unless you are happy with yourself first.

Only God can do that for you. It is full of other great ways to improve yourself. Will you incorporate any of these things into your daily life? Where are you at in your walk with God? Let me know in the comments below. God bless!

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