Manual Volatile Social Movements and the Origins of Terrorism: The Radicalization of Change

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Rapoport, ed. Boston: Beacon Press, Original work published , p. Lorne L. Bromley and J. Gordon Melton, eds.

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John Dollard, Neal E. Miller, Leonard W. Doob, O. Mowrer, Robert R. Sears, et al. Abel M. Dale F. David S. Shaikh, trans. Karachi, Pakistan: International Islamic Publishers, , p. Unpublished doctoral dissertation University of Wisconsin—Madison, , p. As cited in Abedelaziz A. Berkeley: University of California Press, , pp. Hasan al-Banna, Basic Teachings S.

Qureshi, trans. Delhi, India: Adam Publishers and Distributors, , p. Donald M. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Between and , between 0 and 2 civilians have died each year from any protest-related violence or less than 0.

Christine Sixta Rinehart

A series of nine bombs exploded in which two people were killed and 20 injured. According to the Bangalore City Police, the blasts were caused by low-intensity crude bombs triggered by timers. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, India. Two bombs exploded in a heavily packed Cricket stadium in which fifteen people were injured. A third bomb was found and defused outside the stadium. Andhra Pradesh is one of the few southern states affected by terrorism, although of a far different kind and on a much smaller scale.

The PWG has been operating in India for over two decades, with most of its operations in the Telangana [ citation needed ] region in Andhra Pradesh.

The group is also active in Odisha and Bihar. Having failed to capture popular support in the elections, they resorted to violence as a means to voice their opinions. The group targets Indian Police , multinational companies, and other influential institutions in the name of the communism. It reportedly has a strength of to 1, well armed militants and is believed to have close links with the Maoists in Nepal and the LTTE of Sri Lanka. According to the Indian government, on an average, more than 60 civilians, 60 naxal rebels and a dozen policemen are killed every year because of PWG led insurgency.

The second bomb exploded five minutes later at in Gokul Chat Bhandar. The Mecca Masjid bombing occurred on 18 May inside the Mecca Masjid , or "Makkah Masjid" a mosque the old city area in Hyderabad , capital of the Indian state of Telangana then undivided Andhra Pradesh [68] located very close to Charminar. The blast was caused by a cellphone -triggered pipe bomb. The most recent Hyderabad blasts occurred around IST.

The two blasts occurred in the Indian city of Hyderabad's Dilsukhnagar. The simultaneous blasts occurred near a bus stop and a cinema.

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The Tamil Tigers, now a banned organisation, had been receiving many donations and support from India in the past. The Tamil Eelam Army was suspected. Several members were convicted in Tamil Nadu also faced terrorist attacks orchestrated by Muslim fundamentalists. For more information, see Coimbatore bombings.

Terrorism has also been depicted in various Indian films , prominent among them being Mani Ratnam 's Roja and Dil Se.. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Terrorism Definitions History Incidents. By ideology. Violent extremism Ethnic violence Militia movement Resistance movement.

Methods Tactics. Terrorist groups. Designated terrorist groups Charities accused of ties to terrorism. Response to terrorism.

Trump's Drone Policy: The Continuation of a Legacy

Counter-terrorism International conventions Anti-terrorism legislation Terrorism insurance. Terrorist attacks in India since Indian Parliament Srinagar. Ayodhya Jaunpur Begumpet Delhi Bangalore. Guwahati 2nd Assam Bhimajuli. Mumbai Delhi. Delhi Pune. Gurdaspur Manipur. Pathankot Pampore Uri Nagrota. Shajapur Sukma Amarnath Yatra.

Sunjuwan Sukma. Pulwama Gadchiroli. See also: List of organisations banned by the Government of India. Main article: List of terrorist incidents in India. Main article: Patna bombings.

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Main article: Delhi bombing. Main article: Delhi security summit. Main article: 29 October Delhi bombings. Main article: Indian Parliament attack. Main article: Varanasi bombing. Main article: Varanasi bombings.

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Main article: Ram Janmabhoomi attack in Ayodhya. Main article: Insurgency in North-East India. Archived from the original on 17 December Retrieved 11 August Archived from the original on 20 June The Times of India.