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Ice Gods. He's loved and protected her from afar, now he can finally make her his. The Magic Knot. Danger and romance in a dark fairytale world. The Feast of Beauty. Ancient Celtic magic binds her destiny to a mysterious Irishman. Warriors of Ra. Once bathed in his fire, she's his forever. A Clockwork Fairytale. A young spymaster falls in love with a lost princess. The blood of a Celtic god runs through his veins. Leia mais Leia menos. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Compra verificada. Another excellent paranormal romance from Helen Scott Taylor.

It has romance, mystery, other-world drama and a lightning bolt ending! Anyone who likes a bit of romance but not slush, must read it! Warriors of Ra Paranormal Romance.

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Slice of life stories are great, but Trisha and Christian are such strong, determined individuals that it would be fun to catch up with them in a sequel. I'm a picky rabid reader. I also won't read an author who insults my intelligence. So you're probably wondering why I rated this book a solid four stars. A book gets five stars only if it's life altering literature; if I'm fundamentally changed and shaken to my core.

Not many out there. But this is certainly a keeper and I'll reread it often. I enjoyed reading it.

9 Eerie Ghost Stories

It was refreshing not coming across misspellings or grammar misuse in a professional level book. The story premise was unique from what I normally look for.

The writer blends contemporary French and UK settings with ancient Egyptian flavors. This story is a candidate for a tale that should have been longer, but one can see why she concluded it where and how she did. I would definitely consider reading another of the writer's stories. This book caught me with the first ten pages. A romance sacrificed and immortal warriors. The heroine unfortunately manages to ruin it. She is so busy dithering for pages on end, I quickly lost interest. The warriors of Ra are truly intriguing, but they are very flat. Too many whys for me, but I would like to know more about "the destroyer", unfortunately not enough to read anymore of these.

I liked it. Different world building but good. Women meets love interest who dumped her as a young women.

Now in her 40's she thinks she is meeting his son but is confused. Takes him back to identify an artifact after she realizes he hasn't aged and finds she is of a bloodline to wed an ancient race of warriors of the God Ra. Warriors of Ra surprised me. I had read a couple of novels and a novella by Ms. Taylor so I knew I'd get a well-written story, but this novella was a complete surprise. I don't want to spoil the story's surprises, but I will tell you that there's action, adventure, and romance in this different kind of paranormal.

I'd love to see Ms. Taylor's "world-building" in a full-length novel so she could present the compelling hero and heroine in depth. I must say this was a very interesting story! I wish it were longer and had more explanation. There is more of this story to tell, I think. I hope the Author comes out with a second book, because this was really that good! Although I enjoyed the book, I was disappointed that it ended so soon. It seems like it had just gotten started.

The Black Parade by Kyoko M: Poltergeist Michael is the key to saving Jordan's soul from hell, but can she handle the cost of her salvation? Haunting Echoes by C. Braving Fate by L. Hall: Diana and Cadan fight demonic forces and a deadly passion that has lasted centuries. Trinity Rising by J.

Taylor: Damian and Naomi are desperate for victory against the devil, but one wrong step could trigger Armageddon. Moonlight by K. Salidas: Good girls don't wear fur, fight over men, or run around naked, howling at the moon.

10 Paranormal Romance Books to Try if You Hate Paranormal Romance

But Fallon's not a good girl. Lash by L. Castillo: Lash must choose where to place his trust--in a home he fought so hard to regain or in a forbidden love he can't bear to lose. Between by L. Swallow: Alek could kill Rose with a kiss. Finn, with a touch. Pulled into an intense affair with Alek, Rose discovers her connection to Finn threatens them all.

The Devil's Fool by R. McClellan: When vampire Boaz gives Eve the one thing she never had--love--she falls into a world of greed and seduction. Spark Rising by K. Corcino: A runaway Spark and the agent arresting her ignite a revolution to end their people's enslavement while resisting the electricity between them.

Ruby's Fire by C. Stine: On the run from a desert cult, Ruby must choose which handsome stranger to trust with her heart and her darkest secret.

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Cursed by L. Leroux: Isobel has been hiding an uncanny ability her whole life--until the day she must use it to save herself from a madman. Hunted by A. Colby: With Agent Holbrook's help, Riley races time to stay ahead of a crazed werewolf killer. Vigilant by A. Lawson: Ari stumbles into a world of crime and vigilantism while discovering the one man that sets her heart on fire.

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