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What a bummer for you! There is forgiveness of sins available … but not for you. Read what Jesus does in Ephesians — Praise God that the good news of great joy is for all people! Christ came for everyone, especially for people who live in rebellion to Christ today.

"Joyful" - Lisa Dowty - National Association of Professional Child Photographers

All may find forgiveness of sins in Christ. All may be reconciled to God and others in Christ. Perhaps this good news of great joy for all people is the only hope for unity in our world. Other than the gospel, is there anything that is truly good news for all people, from generation to generation, from culture to culture?

Paste Studio - Jun 10, 2013

So tell me the news already! No one does that.

Happy Instrumental Hymns about the Joy of God - Relaxing, Soothing, Beautiful

Liam was born to Brianna and me. He is ours, we get to care for him, we get to raise him, we are responsible for him, and we receive the most joy because he was born to us.

PDF Joyful Magazine July-September

But God gives a message unlike any other. And best of all, because Christ is born to us, we get to receive Him, believe in His name, and we are given the right to become children of God. Christ born to us provides the way for us to be born of God. Soon, we will get to live with the source of good news, the joyful God!

The Next Big Thing. Oct Aug Recent Articles. I let the video cycle seemingly endlessly as I thought, this is maybe the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Once I found out who the maker was I scoured the internet for whatever I could get my hands on. It ended up being a treasure hunt — finding bits of her voice and textures hidden in mixes, compilations, and radio shows- as it wasn't as easy as entering 'Malibu' in the iTunes search bar. Malibu's music takes me places no other music has.

Through samples, effects, piano tinkles, and her incredible voice — at once crystalline and mournful, hushed- like someone telling you a bedtime story, she takes you by the proverbial hand into the cosmos. I've always said that my favorite musical combination is 'pretty and sad', and her music definitely is that in some ways.

I think that's why I naturally gravitated to it and fell in love with it, but it's so much more than that.

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When Joyful Noise Recordings asked if I would like to nominate an artist to do this special series I immediately thought of Malibu. Imagine my delight when she agreed to participate! I couldn't be more thrilled, to have facilitated an opportunity for her to make new music, and for the world to hear it on an object you can hold in your hands, and play it over and over. That's something nice about searching the internet for bits — every once in a while it can come full circle back into an analog object, to have and to hold, with a sense of wonder and in awe of all the beauty the world has to show you if you dig a little.

Malibu's music takes me to a time of letting everything fall away and stare out the window into the heavens, bathed in sound. They made only of these records so grab em while you can, link in story. UNO will be distributing it digitally. The last video is a clip of the first music i heard from Malibu.

Vincent and Thurston Moore. One Life will be released on November 1 and is available for pre-order here.

See the album artwork and tracklist below.