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ShareLingo provides the platform for that one-to-one interaction. It brings people motivated to learn together — and by teaching their native tongue to another, they pick up the new language quicker. Metco Landscaping, a employee operation along the Colorado Front Range, had English-speaking safety officers and crew chiefs take ShareLingo classes with their Spanish-speaking workforce.

That not only means lower worker compensation insurance rates for the company, it means workers suffer fewer injuries — and when they do, they are less severe. Ritcher believes the program has helped Metco build loyalty among the H2B visa workers they recruit each year from Mexico. That loyalty translates to a more reliable workforce year after year. The ShareLingo program has been embraced by groups that are building community and awareness of immigration issues.

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Escobedo, who picked up English after arriving in the U. Dorn, who minored in Spanish at Colorado State University, said she never achieved fluency because she did not have an opportunity to practice. It challenges you to figure things out. It has given me more confidence to speak Spanish to native speakers. Escobedo noted that ShareLingo is more affordable than any other language learning program she has tried. Dorn said she has gained more than Spanish fluency. We talk a lot these days about the need to open dialogue.

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It has helped people who have tried to learn a second language over the last hurdle, by making it easy to practice with a native speaker. Participants have reported the program has super-charged whatever other language training they have done in the past or are currently doing for example, following a Rosetta Stone program and using ShareLingo to get more practice time in. Participants have a range of interesting and compelling reasons to learn the other language: to better communicate with family, to get ahead at work, to get more enjoyment out of travel, etc.

Some businesses have contracted with ShareLingo to improve communication among employees and with customers, and to develop more cultural awareness. Pew Center research on Spanish language in the U. Estamos practicando juntos.

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The City of Eternal Spring. Lots of people believe that wherever they go, people will speak English. But the next day, Friday, I was fortunate to be able to attend a speed networking event hosted by a new co-working space here called Siembra which means sow, or sowing, as in seeds. It was an amazing meeting with about 30 participants that ranged from lawyers, to web designers, to Social Entrepreneurs, plus the hosts Al and Mala , of course.

Within that group, there were a few who spoke English — including two or three from the U. But I think I was the only American though one of the Colombians did grow up in Miami and most of the people spoke little or no English at all. But I really wanted to meet them all — because they were young, and passionate, and ready to change the world. It was very exciting.

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The thing about speed networking is you change partners every few minutes. Thanks to ShareLingo, my Spanish is pretty good. In fact, it was good enough to have great conversations with everyone as we changed partners.

I met a great lawyer that helps startups navigate the Colombian requirements. And I made some great contacts who we may be able to partner with in one capacity or another down here for web design, creating a mobile app, etc. Not only was this networking, it was market research! And I have found out where to find printing, and stationary, and lots of other services.

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I looked for apartments. I even went to church. All in Spanish. And all in just a couple of days. And you can — believe me. So I know that anyone can do it. Start with Duolingo or another program to learn some vocabulary and get your feet under you, and then find a practice partner.

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You will be so glad you did. Labor Day. Or is it just the unofficial end of Summer and the last three-day weekend before the kids really get into the new school year? It started way back in the s when trade unions proposed that the day be set aside to celebrate labor. It took another several years for it to become a recognized federal holiday , but I think that we can all agree we should recognize and celebrate all the hard work that has been done to build our country.

My own roots are mixed, like many. One grandparent was from Czechoslovakia, another from England. Even people that can trace their roots back to the Mayflower came from somewhere else. Immigrants have built roads, and dams, and railroads, and skyscrapers. Sign in. Hidden fields.

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  5. Add to Wishlist. This epic fantasy game takes you to a fantastic kingdom full of magical creatures and brave heroes. Pass difficult trials, defeat determined opponents and protect the land from a dark secret.

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    Guide your group of heroes through twelve exciting legends in which new, challenging opponents and old companions await you. Choose your strategy carefully—you have only a limited number of moves to complete your quests. You can guide any legend to a successful resolution in several ways if you use your characters and their abilities to your best advantage.

    Delve deeper than ever before into the mystical past of the legendary kingdom and discover a previously unknown story of Andor that takes your heroes into inhospitable and dangerous realms beyond Rietland. Play the award-winning board game solo and take your group of heroes on exciting adventures anywhere, anytime. The land of Andor needs your help!

    Can you fight off the new threat from the south?

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    News and updates: www. Reviews Review Policy. Update 1. This update addresses stability issues that those of you running the latest Android 10 reported. Our brave developers found and defeated those pesky bugs, so that you can venture out to defend Andor once again!