Guide Dog Stories: Heartwarming Dog Stories For Kids And Adults, Guaranteed to Make You Say, “Awwww!”

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As long as I was there, she'd never let go. Didi : Chaz, I think it's time you shared these things with Chuckie. Chaz : I'm just afraid he'll miss her. Stu: You feelin' alright, Deed? Didi: I feel wonderful! We're going to have a baby! Stu: Really?

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Deed that's wonderful! Aunt T: Well, it's not gorgeous but it has a lot of character, just like me!

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Chuckie: narrating And you know what? I think that's the bestest job of all. Stu : Pop, I'm so sorry! Can you ever forgive me? We'll get you packed and take you home in no time! Drew : Stu's getting rid of his inventions, Dad! You won't have to worry about them anymore! Lou : Who's worried about em'? I love those crazy toys of his! Why, if it hadn't had been for him blowin' up the house, I'd have never met my Lulu! Then when I inevitability throw them on the floor he has a field day. My German shepherd is a hoarder.

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He has a hiding spot behind a chair and underneath a table, and he's been building a stash that we have to go in every week or so and clean out. This last weeks clean out consisted of 3 of my oven mitts and a pudding cup. He doesn't chew on anything, he just likes to have stuff. We had a cat that was a thief. She had different stashes around the house, but the biggest was in the back of a closet. On one occasion, I found about 20 milk tops, a spoon?!

My chihuahua sneaks to her water dish. We have no idea why. She does this almost every day at varied times. If her water is dirty or if the dish is empty she will keep sneaking until the situation is fixed.

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We don't have pets in the main country the Netherlands where we reside but we got a ton of them in my fathers country Russia. We own a big piece of ground and a forest, with 23 white Russian wolves and 3 Caucasian owcharkas. The wolves have some weird habits and one of them is that they greet each other and their pups by friendly biting them in their neck, it still that scares the shit out of guests and relatives that we usually have over. Had to Google Owcharkas.

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What a beautiful breed of Dog!! White wolves are so majestic! You are most fortunate to have them in your life. My cat would be happy with his eyes closed purring and layed down my side and then suddenly look in the direction of the corner of the room with his eyes completely open. When I look there's nothing there. It's scary. My cat talks to herself if she thinks no one is around.

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  • I'll come home or go to a side of the house that I haven't been in all day and hear her meowing and chirping and howling. Once she realizes I'm there, she'll stop. I've been able to sneak up on her a couple of times and it's pretty bizarre to watch. She'll just be walking around the room making sounds. She doesn't do it that often. I wish I could catch it on video. My dog does this little boner dance whenever he has a boner.

    He slides across the floor and humps the air rapidly until his doggy-boner goes down. It splashes everywhere. No clue why. Just thought of something else! My cat often licks it to clean it, mistaking it for himself. I have a blind cat. He goes up to the water dish his and the dogs and meows really loudly in them before drinking.

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    I've figured out he does it so he can tell where the water level is, so he doesn't face plant in the water. He's so amazing! One of our cats will climb up onto the back of our couch while we're watching a movie or something and loudly clean his butthole. My cat nurses on his own tail. He will creepily come up and lay really close to you, curl in a ball, and start sucking away at the end of his tail.

    Sometimes he'll even look you in the eye while he does it. I know it's a comfort thing to him, I found him alone when he was just a baby, but it's a pretty weird thing to do.

    Books by Chris Oakley (Author of Dog Stories)

    Step 1: Drop the tennis ball into my hand so I can throw it across the room for him to fetch Step 2: Retrieve the tennis ball and start gnawing on it with his head halfway under the couch Step 3: Drop the ball and have it roll to an unreachable distance under the couch Step 4: Stare at me and moan loudly until I am convinced to walk over to the couch the ball is under and lay on the floor, struggling to reach far enough. Eventually I just lift the couch so he can get far enough underneath it to grab the ball back Repeat incessantly.

    Nicodroz Report. My pit asks for permission every night before getting in bed with us. We have never told him to stay off of furniture, but he always asks. Onlynatalie Report. Only he doesn't make a sound.