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Step 2 – Vision Board
  1. To Make Life Better, Create A Better Life You Don't Need To Escape From
  2. Discover what you need to create personal, financial and spiritual abundance.
  3. How to Change Your Life: The Complete Guide
  4. 10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want

As a something I spend time imaging the life I want. One day an editor from a renowned publication will call me and offer me a dream job. The way I think about these things mirrors a fairy-tale; they will happen to me at some point in the future, I just have to wait patiently for them to occur. What Riss believes - and I agree with whole-heartedly - is that we have a say in what happens to us. She gives the example of college.

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When you grow up knowing you will go to college, believing that when it is your time to roam a college campus you will, you take actions. You work hard in school, complete all the right tests, visit various campuses, and send in your applications. It is this firm belief - you are college bound - that allows you to make this vision into reality. And that model can be applied to any dream you may have. Make sense? Here are the steps to using your thoughts to creating the life you want.

Change begins in your mind—you build a life you love by changing your thinking. Real and substantial change takes time and commitment.

Change begins with you and your thoughts. Today, you might not know how to do it or how long it will take. Yet, you can begin with a belief that it is possible. TV and movies show huge changes happening overnight. Committing a tiny amount of time, each day to something you desire can help you create a life you love.

When my children were young, we lived next door to another family. He was a very loud but extremely good-hearted man. Take responsibility for your own actions and results. Yes, there are jerks out there and stuff happens.

20 Principles You Should Live By To Get Everything You Want In Life! - MASTER THIS!

However, if you can try to own and understand your own part in every single thing that happens to you; you actually gain power. I could easily blame those clowns for being jerks. Yes, I CAN still call them names! Yet, with self-awareness and analyzing the part I played and the red flags I blatantly ignored! I learned and accepted that I played a part in my own bad experiences.

Better decisions in the now create better results in the future!

Taking Action

Along with accepting my own part in any situation or relationship, forgiving is probably the most essential thing I do. Forgiving is not to benefit the other person or say what they did is okay. It is for your benefit. It is so you can release that energy and not have those situations again. When you hold onto crap that people did to you, you keep it active in your own energy. Have you ever wondered why the same things keeps happening to you over and over?

Taking responsibility for your part and forgiving the other parties goes a long way in clearing that stuff out. I am so thankful that I had parents that always actively looked for ways to be thankful. They did not live a charmed life. They suffered through many set-backs and my dad came close to being killed or disabled for life.

In his thirties, with three children and one on the way, he was in a work accident that put him in the hospital for months and left him disfigured. This accident was caused by another person who was not hurt and never took responsibility.

To Make Life Better, Create A Better Life You Don't Need To Escape From

My parents felt lucky that he had a job to go back to after 11 months of recovery. They never ever sugar-coated it for anything but a horrible painful event. But they both made the decision to not let this terrible event disable them in any other way. They stayed positive about their lives and continually looked for things to appreciate and be thankful for.

My parents taught me to see beauty, love, and value in ordinary things: a beautiful garden, the love of a special pet, in the people in our lives. My mom, especially can find something to appreciate in the most mundane of things: a cup of coffee, a bite of something delicious, or a call from a child. Here are some ways to build a gratitude practice today.

Discover what you need to create personal, financial and spiritual abundance.

I struggled with this. I had some relationships that were not serving me but I was loathe to totally release them. Then one day, I decided to do it. Remember the bad boyfriends from above? I decided one day that I knew I did not want to see them again and I was tired of politely answering texts or phone calls. I blocked both of them. I felt immediate relief. You see, our phones are always with us. And in that access, they can cause us to have some distress. Not sure if someone IS toxic— read this! This is your life to live.

How to Change Your Life: The Complete Guide

Sometimes we buy into how we need to live because so many other people are doing it. We buy houses, drive cars, choose jobs, and have certain relationships based on what is culturally accepted. And while none of these things are inherently good or bad, many of us are on auto-pilot about what we should do and when. Argentina was definitely outside my box! However, it is outside the box where the magic happens.

It is only by following our own compass in our own time, that we create that special feeling of being comfortable in our own skin which is essential to creating a life you love. In my previous life, I was the buyer of stuff.

10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want

I had a big house full of stuff. Gratitude is everything. Think of gratitude as a cosmic savings account. Tap into your subconscious before falling asleep. Before going to bed, make your wish your mantra. Do it for about five minutes before you go to sleep. Just see it in your mind. Focusing your intention before bed helps your subconscious and soul do the inner work while you sleep, bringing your fruitions closer when you are awake.

Take inspired action. Trust that the hunches you are receiving, such as a voice in your mind telling you to contact someone or to read a book or to travel somewhere, are Spirit responding to your request with the universe. We cannot control every detail of our lives, but we can control much more than most of us think. Overcome your fears and doubts and create the life that you wish.

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